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Recycling/Garbage Disposal

Flag Disposal

Drop Box outside Town Hall

by the Flag pole

The Recycle Center is located at W360 S3337 State Road 67, Dousman, WI.

The Town of Ottawa provides a recycling program and recycling center adjacent to the Ottawa Town Hall on Highway 67. Over a thousand tons of household waste is processed annually and hundreds of tons of recyclable materials are reclaimed and sold to underwrite the recycling program costs. This recycling program meets the requirements of the State of Wisconsin as described in Administrative Rules - Chapter NR 544. Please contact Cheryl Rupp of the Board of Supervisors for more information.  To volunteer with recycling and garbage collection on Saturdays, please contact Mr. Terry Snyder at 262-965-2289. 

Access to the Town of Ottawa Recycle Center is for any Wisconsin resident due to Ottawa being provided with state funding.  It is not for commercial use.  However, only residents of the Town of Ottawa may dispose of their trash on Saturday collections and on large trash days.   Residents must obtain and display an Ottawa Recycles sticker on the lower left corner of the windshield of their vehicles in order to use the facilities. Stickers may be obtained at the Ottawa Recycle Center or at the Town Hall during business hours.  They are $1.00 each.


The Ottawa Recycle Center is open for dropping off recyclables and regular household generated garbage every Saturday during the hours of 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM. In addition, special Large Trash Days are scheduled four times annually as described below.


Large trash days are scheduled on the first Saturday of April, the second Saturday of June, the third Saturday of August, and the fourth Saturday of October. All recyclables and regular weekly household trash is accepted as well as certain larger items as listed below. Some items may require fees or special handling. Please note that many items accepted on Large Trash Days are not accepted at any other times.


Large trash items include:


        tires fee of $2 for auto tires, $5 for truck and tractor tires or tires on rims

        metal, steel, and iron place in container at rear of Recycle Center

        fence wire rolled to be handled safely

        lawnmowers drained of fuel and oil

        aluminum doors and windowsglass must be removed

        household applianceshot water heaters, clothes washers and dryers, dish washers, microwave ovens (remove electrical element), refrigerators ($10 freon recovery fee), dehumidifiers and air conditioners ($10 freon recovery fee), freezers ($10 freon recovery  fee)

        carpeting and household furniture


Dropping off recyclables or trash during any other times is expressly prohibited. This is a violation of local ordinance and state law and violators will be prosecuted.


Recyclables no longer have to be sorted. Items may be comingled and include:


Glassall colors, no window glass, drinking glasses or light bulbs. Rinse thoroughly.  Please leave caps on.


Aluminum and foil, tin and steel cans, and pie pansNo chemical or paint cans. Rinse thoroughly.


Plastics labeled #1--#7Rinse thoroughly.  No plastic bags.


Automotive batteries, motor oil, antifreezeMust be free of solvents and contaminants.


Newspapers, magazines, catalogs, phone books, paperback books, glossy paper, office paper, shredded paper, junk mail, cereal and soda boxesPlease flatten all cardboard.


Grass clippings and leaves can be composted.


The following items are never accepted at the Recycle Center:     


        Hazardous materials such as gasoline, insecticides, herbicides and pesticides; oil-based paints, stains, thinners, strippers, and solvents. Some household cleaners and chemicals are not collected at the Ottawa Recycle Center. However, they are collected by the Waukesha County Department of Parks and Land Use. More information is available at their website in the Quick Links section of the home page or specific collection dates are listed in the link below.

        Wood, brush, and ashes

        Rocks, stone, masonry materials, and railroad ties

        Building materials




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